How We Grow

Millennium Pacific tomatoes are grown in a secure greenhouse environment in conditions that are carefully controlled for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and light. Greenhouse growing allows us to ensure that our tomatoes always have optimal conditions, ensuring that you receive consistently healthy, juicy, delicious tomatoes.

Our tomatoes are grown in coco fiber, a sterile medium, rather than soil, which means our plants are free from soil-borne bacteria and almost all weeds. The few weeds that do grow are pulled by hand, and we never herbicides.

At Millennium Pacific, we practice integrated pest management, which uses helpful bugs to fight harmful bugs. Growing our tomatoes in a closed environment protects them from most pests, but when harmful insects do reach our plants we introduce predatory insects such as wasps, ladybugs, and praying mantises to remove them. Using bugs to fight bugs is so effective when done properly that we rarely need to use pesticides.

Our integrated pest management program is just one of the ways in which we practice green-friendly agriculture. Another is our collecting of rainwater for irrigation, and recirculating runoff water to reduce water and fertilizer loss.

How we grow at Millennium Pacific reflects our commitment to green farming, food safety, and producing the best tomatoes for you and your family.