At Millennium Pacific, we understand that using environmentally friendly growing practices benefits our business, our customers, and our home. This is why we apply a number of tactics to minimize our environmental impact.

First, our integrated facility which houses our greenhouses and our grading and packaging facilities reduces the total distance our tomatoes have to travel from farm to table.

Next, by growing our tomatoes in a greenhouse rather than in a field, we are able to produce a high yield with minimal land use, and our sterile, soil-free growing medium results in so few weeds that we never use herbicides. Our greenhouses are also outfitted with thermal energy curtains to prevent heat loss and reduce our heating requirements. Greenhouses have the added benefit of keeping most pests away from our tomatoes, and the insects that do find their way inside are controlled by our integrated pest management practice. This method of pest control uses predatory insects to combat any bugs that pose a risk to our crops, and greatly minimizes our pesticide use.

The majority of our water needs are met through the collection of rainwater, which we use for all of our irrigation. Our irrigation system also captures any runoff water and recirculates it; this reduces our fertilizer use, prevents water waste, and stops any fertilizer from contaminating the ground water in our area.